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Spotlight on Connecticut Students & Residents


Noah Pirrozzi, OMS III
From: Averill Park, NY
Undergraduate Institution: Stony Brook University
Medical School: Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, Middletown, NY


Inspiration for studying Medicine:
All throughout high school, I thought I would do engineering. Then I shadowed an engineer and it was one of the most boring things I'd ever done -no offense to engineers. I started on the pre-med path at Stoney Brook on a whim. Slowly I got more interested and I entered a clinical lab sciences program.

That got me more interested. I left school and worked in the lab for two or three years. I put off applying to medical school for a while but I kept reading and studying on my own - particularly Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.

Why Osteopathic Medicine?
I wrestled in high school, and there were different wrestling styles to learn. I became fascinated with the movement of the body. Weightlifting was also very important to me. While I'm learning about OMM I'm exploring the ways in which the body works together with different parts in fluidity and health.

From the beginning that sounded like something I would be very interested in. I've had some great professors who have gone in depth about what it means to have a healthy, symmetric body from an entire person standpoint.

Favorite Experience Medical School So Far:
Honestly working with my specialty faculty at my school in the OMT department really did a lot for my philosophy. The most important time I spent was in the lab, practicing and learning.

When I'm not studying…
I weightlift recreationally. I've picked up photography. In Sharon, CT I see wildlife such as woodpeckers and flocks of turkeys right on the lawn. So wildlife photography is right there for me. I'm also an avid backpacker so I'm incorporating photography into that experience as well.

Life and Practice Goals:
I want to do surgery but I also want to have a practice doing Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment - maybe one day a week. Eventually, I'd like to retire on OMM.

On Living and Working In Connecticut:
I would definitely consider practicing here. It's a little bit like the West Coast on the East Coast. Having gone backpacking all over the country, I really enjoy the Pacific Northwest. It reminds me of that a little bit, geographically.