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A Sculptor and a Healer

Tricia Hall, DO
Practice: Eastern Connecticut Health Network
Specialty: Neurology

By: Andrew P. Peck for ctosteopathic.org

The inspiration to practice Osteopathic Medicine can spawn from many personal experiences and attributes. For Tricia Hall, DO, a passion for working with her hands combined with an innate desire for learning provided the impetus for her Osteopathic philosophy.

Dr. Hall, born in Barbados and raised in Mount Vernon, NY, said she was inspired to practice medicine at an early age and that Osteopathic principles were a natural fit.

"I'm the type of person who is very inquisitive," Dr. Hall said. "I'm always in pursuit of knowledge. I also love working with my hands. I minored in fine arts and have roots in painting and sculpting. So that kind of led me into doing what I do."

In her current practice with Eastern Connecticut Health Network in Manchester, Dr. Hall specializes in Family Medicine, serving patients across a wide age range. The group of physicians there provide care for typical family and general medical needs while serving as a specialty service in Neuromuscular medicine, including Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, or "hands-on" medical care.

"In the event that local doctors want to refer their patients to us for neuromuscular treatment, we serve in that capacity," Dr. Hall said. "After treating the patients we will return them to their doctors so we don't seek to take them away."

Dr. Hall said the decision to study and practice Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine was made during medical school and has been a source of pride in her work ever since.

"In residency, I noted some of the other DOs caring for patients by incorporating the neuromuscular system in cases which a lot of doctors don't," she said. "For many, unless it's a broken leg or back pain, they don't look into the ways in which the neuromuscular system might be affected. And I realized that after providing the OMT, many patients felt that you had done something for them and in many cases the pain was completely gone. So it's important to me that my practice utilizes more of an integrative approach to treating patients."

In one instance, Dr. Hall recalled a female patient who had suffered from chronic lower back pain, which recurred despite several types of treatment including OMT. The patient had told physicians that she'd first experienced the pain after falling on her tailbone. However, an MRI revealed a large tumor in the woman's pelvic area, which was removed through surgery - soon alleviating the chronic back pain.

The physicians at the practice also provide consultations for in-patient care at Manchester Memorial Hospital.

"We try not to get tunnel vision," Dr. Hall said. "We try to think of the whole person in our approach to treatment."

A member of the Connecticut Osteopathic Medical Society, Dr. Hall discussed the benefits of belonging to her state professional association.

"Together we have more outreach to contribute to a more educational environment," she said. "We accept students who are interested in learning about OMM and we can be a great source of information about that. And interacting with other DOs means we have a network to help one another on some of the bigger issues that are facing the Osteopathic profession in Connecticut - policy wise. And it's good to know other doctors in your state because you might need to refer patients to them and vice versa. This gives us a way to connect."